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General Terms and Conditions   General Terms and Conditions of Delivery of Albert Hodel GmbHHere you will find the  General Terms and Conditions of Delivery (doc, 147kb) of the Albert Hodel GmbH, Freudenberg (Germany).  
Imprint   ImprintAlbert Hodel GmbH Hommeswiese 75 D-57258 Freudenberg Tel.: +49 (0)2734-495270 Fax: +49 (0)2734-4952711 E-mail: HRB 8612 Amtsgericht Siegen Ust.-IdNr. DE 261995113 CEO: Thomas Federrath (Spokesman of the Management)  
Contact Us   Albert Hodel GmbHHommeswiese 75  57258 Freudenberg                             Tel.: +49 (0)2734-495270 Fax: +49 (0)2734-4952711 E-mail:  
Maintenance concepts   Maintenance conceptsThe subsequent maintenance and repairs of the tanks and devices implemented by us are an integralpart of our services. We payt high attention to a good and trustful partnership. Regular tests of security components and the control of the wearing parts are realized. The operational safety is increased and possible failures of system sections will be reduced by concluding a  maintenance contract. Additionally the maintenance and service works reduce the operational costs for a long-term period.  
Commissioning   CommissioningApart from the intensive consulting, production and project management we support you during the final commissioning guaranteeing a  a smooth implementation  without any interruptions. In doing so, the legal minimum requirements are controlled and all points as agreed upon are checked again. Even the so-called “as built documentation” will be handed over to the customer for a better understanding of the complete production process. Finally the completed products will be delivered.  
Thermal heat exchangers   thermal heat exchangerOur thermal heat exchangers are designed for the building engineering, industries and heat suppliers and are available as U-tube or straight tube construction. According to customer’s requirements and needs vertical or horizontal structures can be realized. Our clients often require the installation of the devices as double-or triple construction.  
Auxiliary service water   Auxiliary service waterOur auxiliary service water coolers are designed for the cooling of service water circulation from rivers, fountains or water cooling towers. A straight tube design is preferred due to the water quality. Additionally, this device is suitable for high flow rates on the main cooling water side. The pre- and end chambers are provided with water-resistant linings or coatings. The tube plates are made of special materials or alternatively with a thick floor coating or explosion-/ weld cladding.  
Condenser/Turbine condenser/auxiliary condenser   Condenser/Turbine condenser/auxiliary condenser The turbine is mounted with the condensers by circular or rectangular steam throats. The shell side is designed with large-scale ways for the steam, an optimization of the heating surface is achieved by an integrated air suction. Special cooling waterproof coatings or respective materials guarantee the stability of the tube side. Special materials like premium or duples steel, brass or titanium, are often used for the heating surface tubes. The water chambers are provided with removable end claps and can also be delivered as parted design. The condenser casings welded with the tube plates are also available with compensator. According to the installation site, spring elements can be assembled. Steam adapters for the turbine, flashboxes or protections with burst disks or safety valves are additonally available.  
Low pressure preheater   Low pressure preheaterOur low pressure preheaters are available in vertical or horizontal design and optionally with or without a condensate sub-cooling zone. The U-tube device is available either adjustable or welded.  The prechamber consists of a cylindric channel shell welded together with the tube plate. It can be locked with a flat end cap or a curved base in the manhole. An interior box with removable cap serves ensures the water supply. The U-shaped bent tube bundle is provided with an adequatesteam channel For reasons of security the steam inlet is equipped with a shock protection. All heating surface tubes are rolled into the tube plate and can be additionally welded. The tube mounting is made by distance plates or in vibration-free lattices.  
High pressure preheater   High pressure preheater Our high pressure preheaters are available in vertical or horizontal design and optionally with or without heating zone. The prechamber consists of a cylindric channel shell or a hemispherical base which is welded together with the tube plate like the cabinet shell. A self-sealing cover lock allows the inspection of the prechamber. The tube bundle can be pulled by means of a defined desired joint.