Stability and robustness

Even after 20 or 30 years thousands of Hodel mangle chests are still in operation. There is no better proof for operating efficiency and long lifespans. Especially in cases of steam- or water hammers at pressures of 15 bar and hot steam of about about 200 °C strucks cold condensate the resistance of 16 mm strong boiler steel is, compared with non-massive or thinner/flexible mangle chests, much higher.

Special production process focussing on long lifespans and materials with long service lifes stand up to any comparison. ASME certificates and strong internal quality controls for each chest are obligatory. Another feature is the Hodel know-how in the steel construction coupled with the manufacture of components for power plants with of up to 300 bar operating pressure.

Customers emphasizing long life cycles and like to avoid complicated maintenance and services decide for Hodel mangle chests, especially for steam chests.